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2 Sudoku has taken the Sudoku game market by storm! Based on the traditional Sudoku game but with a fun added level of complexity that will challenge any player! Download our app at appstore!
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About 2 Sudoku

2 Sudoku was formed by the devoted Sudoku players at FUN media. We felt it would be much more exciting if the puzzle was more challenging. Our 2 Sudoku puzzle has nearly the same rules as basic Sudoku, but with a twist, so its easy for any dedicated Sudoku player to enjoy! We have recently developed our own App at App Store for iPads which can be downloaded by clicking on the App Store button above.

Game Play Features

  • 400 sodoku puzzles

  • 4 difficulties - easy, medium, hard & evil!

  • Records sodoku puzzles completed ,

  • Option to show correct numbers

  • Auto saves your game

  • Download our app at appstore!


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