Sudoku Games

The advanced game for Sudoku players

2 Sudoku captures the compulsion and desire to play Sudoku but has the additional dimension of a new grid whereby 2 Sudoku games are played with interaction between both.

History of Sudoku

Sudoku is a logic-based number placement puzzle, which has become an international phenomenon over the last decade. The Japanese puzzle company, Nikoli, launched the game under the name Sudoku, which means 'single number'.

A French newspaper, Le Siecle, published a puzzle similar to Sudoku in 1892. While it wasn't exactly Sudoku - as it contained double digit numbers requiring basic arithmetic rather than logic to solve - it did share the same key characteristic, i.e. each column, row, and sub-square required the total sum to be the same number.

On July 6th 1985 Siecle’s rival La France refined the puzzle so it was almost a modern day Sudoku. A number of variations on the puzzle have since been introduced, but none have equalled the phenomenon of Sudoku which has sold over 9 million games worldwide. Fun Media have taken the concept of sudoku one stage further and created a game whereby two games of sudoku are played side by side within the same playing board. 2Sudoku is exclusively available to download from the App Store. Click HERE to download.

Sudoku Games
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